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The Vienna Café & Wine bar opened on February 15, 1999. Since then Vienna has established itself as the premier Restaurant in West Broward serving the best in Continental Fare. The Location at 9100 W SR 84 between Pine Island and Nob Hill, make it easy to access from the North or South.

Open for Lunch and Dinner seven days. Brunch on Saturday and Sunday from 10AM. A private room which can accommodate up to 32 is available.

The Menu consists of Classical European Dishes with the addition of American Regional Specialties. The wine List offers 160 selections and 20 different wines served by the Glass.

In the 19 years Vienna has gained a loyal local following, word of mouth promotions from our Patrons insures future growth.

Every Month we Host an X-treme Wine Tasting Night – Participants bring a Bottle of Wine according to the Theme. The bottle is listed on the Featured menu for the tasting. The idea is that you know what the wines are, just not when it will be served. Before being poured, it is placed in a bag, and after each flight of three wines the Guests are asked to mark which wine they believe they are drinking. Very few people score more than 50 %. In the end the scores are tallied and the one with the most correct wins a free dinner on a future evening.

Chef Courtney Burks

& Chef/Owner Per Jacobsen

Per Jacobsen was born Copenhagen, Denmark, and completed his apprenticeship at the Sheraton in Copenhagen. He also graduated from the Hotel & Restaurant School in Copenhagen. He went on to earn his Master Chef degree from the Culinary Institute in Calgary, Canada

Per recounts one of the most meaningful experiences in his career when a chef took him in and explained the cold, hard facts of the culinary business. He could not find work in Copenhagen, so at age 16 he drove up the coast on his moped and stopped at the Marina hotel to ask about being an apprentice. The chef there said “you have to be tough… all the major chefs you deal with in this business are culinary artists – people who want to create and make things happen, and you have to have thick skin… if you can’t handle it, get another job!” Per remembers there were 21 apprentices and “in the end, there were less than a handful of us who went on to professional careers”

After his work in Canada, Per traveled the Seas! He was in the Merchant Marine as a Chef and later as the Food Manager aboard the S/S Norway for NCL Cruise line. Later, his positions included Executive Chef for Canadian Pacific Hotels and The Fairmont, Jasper Park Lodge as well as The Fairmont Palliser Hotel.

Per moved to the US and worked for Marriott City Center in Minneapolis, and later as Culinary Director for the 13 restaurants of Caesars Palace in Atlantic City. Moving to Florida in 1990, he served as Executive Chef – Food & Beverage Director at the Doral in Miami, Biltmore Hotel Coral Gables and Eden Roc in Miami Beach. He opened the Vienna Café & Wine Bar in 1999.

Per has been a member of Confrérie de La Chaine des Rôtisseurs since 1985, as an officer with the Title of Vice Conseiller Culinaire. Per has served on the Board of the Florida Lodging and Restaurant Association, and is also a member (since 2004) of Rotary International Davie/Cooper City Chapter. The Symphony of the Americas has been fortunate to have Per’s involvement and commitment as well as that of Courtney Burks, to ‘Wines of the World’ for many years!

When asked about his most enjoyable experiences, Per says “every day going to work is enjoyable, I love the customers that frequent the restaurant. I love to cook special dishes for special people. Making many memories for them (as well as myself) of evenings together enjoying great food and great wines!”

Also memorable time was as Food and Beverage Director on the SS Norway in l979, making its maiden voyage, which was nothing short of disaster – nothing was ready, the power was not right and there were electrical fires aboard, pipes burst, and the power of the ocean was not on their side. All ended well – the ship finally arrived in the US with 1/3 of the original passengers who had stayed aboard. It was remembered as the longest running free cocktail party!

Per enjoys Golf, Boating and Traveling. Per’s wife Linda assists at Vienna Café as well.

Chef Courtney Burks, a native of South Florida, began his culinary career making hand-made donuts by the thousands as his first job. Quickly realizing his passions for food he soon enrolled in Johnson & Wales University for Culinary Arts in 2001. While attending school at their North Miami, FL campus he took a job at The Alexander Hotel and Shula’s Steak House in Miami Beach. While a far cry from the donut world, the realm of fine dining steak houses proved to be a great training ground for the next several years.

With an emphasis on the finest quality beef and high-end seafood it helped lay a foundation for serving nothing but top quality ingredients which he is still passionate about today. When the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino opened in May 2004 Courtney moved to the Council Oak Steak and Seafood as Lead Broiler Chef for one of Florida’s Greatest Steak Houses. Two and a half years there working in all facets of the kitchen led to his first Executive Chef Job at Vienna Café and Wine Bar.

Since coming to Vienna Café in December of 2006 the restaurant has had great reviews and played hosts to unique events and dinner. Some events include monthly Xtreme Wine Dinners, Scotch Tastings, Rum Dinners, Craft Beer Events, and hosting events for the La Chaine des Rotisseurs. There is always something going on to keep our guests interested, and coming back for more.

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Vienna Cafe & Wine Bar, located in the center of Broward County, is a local favorite and well-known for our fresh, seasonal fare.